Nano - Al2O3 Aluminum Oxide Nanopowder
Nano - Al2O3 Aluminum Oxide Nanopowder
Product Details

Molecular formula: Al2O3
MW: 101.96
Melting point: 2050 ℃
Boiling point: 2980 ℃

Nano Aluminum Oxide nanoparticles are available as concentrated (up to 50 wt%) dispersions in DI water. The aqueous Nano Aluminum Oxide dispersions feature proprietary surface treatment technology to enable formulation of the nanoparticles into systems ranging from pH 4 to 10.

The technology also ensures compatibility of the Nano Aluminum Oxide nanoparticles with aqueous formulations containing emulsion resins, both in-can and post-cure.

In addition, untreated Nano Aluminum Oxide is available as a low pH (< 5) aqueous dispersion for applications not requiring the compatibility surface treatment.